cinnamon bun

Nun Bun


You’ve all heard the stories about Jesus who likes to masquerade on a toe, potato chip, dog’s ass, banana peel, and as chesus christ on a pizza; but it is a rare thing indeed for Mother Teresa to appear.  Yet, in the 1990’s at Bongo Java in Nashville, Tennessee; she allegedly did just that.  And, being the considerate soul that she was, she took form as the ultimate comfort food – a cinnamon bun.

Dubbed the “nun bun,” people came from miles around to witness the miracle appearance.  It was stolen in a break-in in 2005 and never recovered.  Today there is still a standing $5,000 reward for a no questions asked return.  There have been rumblings that the old broad made it all the way over to Seattle but no one knows for sure.

Have YOU seen the nun bun?