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Bio: I love storytelling, offbeat history and locations, travel and food. Obsessive researcher. Message me if you have a great story to share.

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  1. I searched for Info about Melungeons and found your article. Thank you for an interesting study of the Melungeon people. However, I do think you over-stated the bloodline when, at the end of your article, you wrote this: “No gypsy or Indian magic, … just people with DNA pretty common to everyone else in the Tennessee/North Carolina/Virginia area.” You must know that by now, many people have done their own DNA tests once, twice, maybe three times with different vendors to get an accurate analysis. I belong to about a half dozen DNA/Genealogy groups for NC and VA, and we are just not seeing those numbers to which you make reference. However, before I go out on a limb with denial, I will share your article with some DNA/Genealogy groups to get their reactions.
    Cathy Dent

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