Tate’s Lane Cemetery and Ghost Railroad

Tates Lane and Pet Cemetery (33)

So, technically the cemetery is called the Mt. Juliet Memorial Gardens, but I don’t know anyone who refers to it by anything other than Tate’s Lane Cemetery.  The main entrance is actually one street down from Tate’s Lane on Caldwell, but it is on the Tate farm original property.

To get to the cemetery, you must first cross the railroad tracks, which at the time when I was in high school, were used infrequently by the 137 mile line of the Nashville & Eastern railroad based out of Lebanon, TN. It was originally a part of Jere Baxter’s Tennessee Central line which went out of business in 1968 and was left abandoned (has  served as the commuter rail from Lebanon to Nashville, the Music City Star since 2006).  It was in the 1960’s where the haunted rails stories began.  Before the railroad was reestablished as the Nashville & Eastern line, stories began to circulate that cars would just die when passing over the tracks on the way into the cemetery, not leaving the driver enough time to get out before the fatal clash with the oncoming train.

Tates Lane and Pet Cemetery (73)

As if the threat of instant death wasn’t enough, the cemetery was, and probably still is, associated with Satanic and Masonic rituals (there are an incredible amount of Masons buried there- just look for the compass, anchors, beehives, clasped hands, crown and cross, double headed eagle, triangle with an eye, father time and a weeping virgin, hand holding heart, keystone with letters HTWSSTKS, a five pointed start, a snake and cross, and pretty much any other symbol on a gravestone).

In the 1990’s, many of the graves were defaced and some stolen.  There were so many problems with people vandalizing a large Jesus statue, that the statue is no longer there, only the platform on which he once stood.

Tates Lane and Pet Cemetery (50)






  1. This is the most lies I have ever heard about the cemetery.Me & my family owned it from the early1960’s till the early 2000’s. The Jesus statue was dressed in funny clothes a few times & a hand was broken off. It was taken down to make a road to the new section to back. You can see the two rows of trees behind the platform. The new owners just haven’t finnished it yet. One time in the late 90’s somebody came in at night & turned over7 tombstones.None were broken & they were uprighted within 3 days. It was never called the Tate Cemetery.

    1. Listen, this isn’t the “100% true real live ghost blog” it’s a bunch of stories . Second, in my generation it was absolutely referred to as Tate’s cemetery. I also grew up there and know more than you think.

  2. What in the world. I may not live there but I live in tates lane. I’ve always heard it called tates cemetery. And I talked to the current owners of the property and they said those trees are there because they can’t take them down. The ground rumbles and they are asked to leave. They said the statue was taken down because the railroad boggled it too much. And they can’t go out there at night because there are real ghost that disturb them and are sometimes violent.

  3. My son is there. It was in late 90’s and was and is today called Mt. Juliet Memorial Gardens. I have never heard any of these stories. Also The story about Tates Lane is down a couple of miles down from The Mt. Juliet Memorial Gardens. There is a lot of land that at one time could have been connected. I don’t know any history except there are 1800.standing hand made stones as you enter the Cemetery.

  4. Enjoy your blog. I grew up in Mt. Juliet and have family buried in the cemetery, but never heard any of these stories about it. Then again, I was out in Murfreesboro in the ’90s when the vandalism may have happened.

    On a related note, did you ever waste any hours near Chapel Hill looking for the ghost light there?

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