Tate’s Lane – Haunted Mt. Juliet

Mt.  Juliet, Tennessee is a bedroom community in the suburbs of Nashville.  It was originally farm land, but grew quickly after the 1929 Great Depression where the people established schools, churches (in abundance), and locally owned businesses. The “feel” of the old Mt. Juliet is all but gone, except in a couple of places; the pig farm on Hwy 70 that stands in the middle of endless shopping centers and urban sprawl, and Tate’s Lane.

Tate’s Lane is a one lane, incredibly narrow forest road lined with tall trees, so that if you meet an oncoming car one of you has to back up until the other can pass. There are all sorts of tales about mysterious things happening on the property, like if two cars crash head on they can enter another universe, and the ghost victim of a duel with Andrew Jackson who wanders around but none more widely known that what we call “the curse.”

The lane begins at the Masonic Temple, and ends at a Baptist Church. These facts alone give me the serious creeps, but the history of the property adds some insight as to who – or what – might be hanging out around there.

W.N. Tate was a civil war hero who fought in 37 battles.  He returned home to Mt. Juliet, married Allie Cawthon and the two built a home on a large farm on Tate’s Lane.  The story I was told, shivering in the dark in the Tate family cemetery on a Halloween long ago, was that W.N. was a brutal slave master, and that there was an area of the property on the South end of Tate’s Lane where he hung the slaves who disobeyed him.  The slaves were still practicing witchcraft and one of the slaves placed a curse on the land that it would claim the lives of 100 white men each year for eternity.

Rumor is that the Masonic Temple has satanic cult rituals and the KKK meet up in the woods, but one thing is for certain; Tate’s Lane is responsible for over 100 accidents per year still to this day.


      1. How did you find the blog if you don’t mind my asking? I apologize for the confusion, but this blog is a fun way for me to do some storytelling and I make no claim to be a historian.

        1. I love this. I have lived here all my life. As a teenager, entertainment was driving down Tate’s lane due to the ghost stories. Thank you for this!

        1. Read end of paragraph before. Clearly states it will take 100 white men’s lives. For the record, I grew up in Mt Juliet and 100 lives were not taken.

  1. OMG. I’ve been in that lodge and there are no satanic rituals. The 100 accidents per year comes from the fact that Tate’s lane is just over a hill on Lebanon Pike. Eastbound traffic is popping over that hill at 50+ mph. What a load of crap. The “writer” of this article should be ashamed

      1. I think you did great! These are the legends that small towns are made of. You’re just commenting on stories that you’ve heard or read. Don’t let anyone beat you down…keep doing what you do 😉 I tried driving down this road years ago. Got about a 1/4 mile and got creeped out and threw the car in reverse. I was alone, during the middle of the day and it was eerie then. Don’t know if I actually saw what I saw and heard what I heard, but I won’t be driving down that road again!

    1. I have lived on Tate Lane for 20 years now. We were one of the first newer homes to build here. I have heard a lot of the “spooky tales”, but was curious about the history of the road and area. That is how I found this site.
      I am not surprised about the accidents. I have been in one myself. Young kid barreling around the curves, middle of the road. You can’t see oncoming traffic. People don’t know how to drive on a curvy slim road. If you have no driving sense about speed, hugging the curves, paying attention to what you can see, and anticipating everything from a car, deer, turkey, etc around the next bend, STAY OFF THE ROAD. And for crying out loud, don’t drive on the road during bad especially wet, snowy weather.
      There has been only one death that I know of while we have lived here. It happened late at night. 19 year old. Hit a tree. No one knows what happened. Was very, very sad.
      I put a cross on the tree, which has now weathered away.
      I can’t confirm any “satanic” activities prior to our time, but can confirm that Godly activities and Christian believers now inhabit the land, and “He who is in me is greater than he that is in this world.”
      Sorry to ruin the “curse”. I know scary is fun. I am more concerned about the amount of traffic that has increased with the growth of MJ. Please consider your driving skills as well as your friends. Unless you have a reason to drive here, please consider a safer route.
      Thanks and God bless

      1. If you take a right off of Tate Ln on W Division Street and go straight to the stoplight on Tulip Grove. This is where there have been hundreds of wrecks over the years. My son has a house that is on the creek side of W Division St, there have been people die in everyone’s yard in that area. Since my son moved there in 2006, his car has been hit. His house was hit twice, once by a motorcyclist that was going very fast and did a wheelie and the motorcycle shut off and he kept going. The second a keep cherokee came over the trees and went right into the house in a high speed chase with the cops. There have been countless wrecks in front of the house and into the trees. We asked the city to repave the road in this area and they did and they put 40 mile speed limit signs up. It helped for about 6 months.
        Please be careful and go 40 on W Division and most definitely put the cellphone down. Not sure how many young boys have run into the trees looking at their cellphone.

        If I remember correctly the farmer had 600 acres and the location of the tree he used was on the creek which is now W Division. There is alot of paranormal activity in this area. I have heard a man chasing a girl and her crying, this was in other stories as well. I couldn’t see anyone. I hear people in the house and there is no one. I put a camera in the attic there was so much noise and all I could see was 2 white orbs that eventually disappeared after days. I wont go out back at night as it feels like you are being watched and many strange noises. I see shadows in the house. The entire neighborhood has been effected one way or another and we believe it is haunted. I cant speak for Tate Ln but W Division could be haunted. I have posted before this is an update.

  2. Another story I heard growing up was that the area was that the end of Tate’s Lane (Baptist Church side across the atreet) was an ancient Indian burial ground. There use to be ruins to a house on that property just a few years ago. The house had been burned down many many years ago. The story was that the family that lived there had been murdered by the dad who over time just went crazy. If you are on that property at night you can still hear screams from the family that lived there. Went there many a dark night with friends and many times had weird experiences.

      1. I know nothing about the afore mentioned “Tate’s Lane”, but I do know that you are incredibly attractive. Is there any way you’re single??

      2. I had a head on car accident in the curve right at the Masonic lodge. I was driving slow and the other girl was barreling through the turn.

        1. I used to work right next to the lodge on Lebanon Rd. and we would go to Chamber meetings at the church on Division so we’d cut through using Tate’s Lane. I still cannot believe I have not been in a head on collision on that road.

          1. My brother and I had a head on on that road. We were heading north and he was heading south, flying around the curve. He got out and started throwing bottles out of his car… obviously had been drinking. That is still my favorite road to visit when I’m back home. It’s so beautiful, I have room go down it at least once every time I come home. Lol

    1. That house that burned down had been set on fire multiple times through the years and would never catch. I was coming home from work one night and it was up in flames. I saw a car there and thought I heard yelling when I pulled up. I jumped out of my car and was trying to call out to find anyone when the electric pole (or a tree, I honestly can’t remember which) fell across the driveway right in front of me… by that time the entire house was engulfed so I left to go call the fire dept. (My house was just down the road) as I was pulling in I heard the sirens….. they never found a body, so I don’t know what I heard.

        1. The house I am speaking of was on the right side of the road when coming d from devision. I apologize if there was any confusion. Lol I went to the left side, at one time, to try and find the remains of tastes house, and was never lucky enough to did even a stone. Must have been looking in the wrong place. Lol

      1. The house you are speaking of belonged to my family. There were NEVER multiple fires, just the one that destroyed the childhood home of Annie Tate. The fire that destroyed the home was attributed to vandals who may have also vandalized the family cemetery on the property. NO ONE was living in the house at the time as Miss Annie had passed years before. Our family would use the house on weekends and vacations in the 1960″s and early 1970’s. The people who visited the graveyard were TRESPASSING and were not welcomed to the property

    2. That’s what I’ve heard. Years ago me and some friends walked through the woods. And there was nothing but a down stairs to a house. Like if you walked through there at night and didn’t know it was there you could fall in. Like if your coming from the division side on the left of the street id’s where it was.

      1. I had heard that as well. Years ago when my son was younger he and some friends visited that house. My son went in and was looking around and could feel the presence of something there, he does not get scared, but he did and ran out of that house. This was before the house burned

  3. I grew up in Mt. Juliet and visited Tate’s lane quite often. As a teenager I was obsessed with the mysterious lore surrounding that little piece of real estate. A number of places in that vicinity are said to be haunted. In high school the rumor was that the Jesus statue in the graveyard would open his eyes at midnight and I made a few trips to see if that was the case. Sadly it was not. Tate’s lane holds a special place in my heart. It was among the first accessible mysterious locations I explored that was different than your average cave or abandoned structure. Since those times my passion for exploration and trespassing has taken me a lot of places. Currently I’m finishing my book “A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seville” (shameless plug here) which catalogs haunted places in one of my favorite Spanish cities. You and I have written about some of the same locations such as the Black Cat Tavern in Murfreesboro and Voodoo Village in Memphis, both of which I have featured about in my old Spanish/English column for the Murfreesboro Pulse. I’ll leave a link to the archives that you can check it out. Or simply google Midnight in the Voodoo Village or Inside the Black Cat Tavern to hear about my little sneakspeditions.

    Semper Explorandum

    1. As you know Cameron I lived in the neighborhood right next to Tates lane and the cemetery.. We played in the graveyard all the time,At all times of the day and night sometimes when you would pull in at night if your car lights hit the jesus statue just right it looked funky but that was it.. As for Tates Lane we walked it rode our bikes on it and even went in the old house that used to be on the division St. side.. Again all times of the day and night only thing I ever saw was with a friend was a fire burning in a field and when we went to check it out it was gone like it wasn’t there at all weird but not scary!!

      1. Yeah I never believed the statue story but I wanted to find out when I was a kid. I’ve seen some disappearing flames in other forests in other parts of the country/world but never on Tate. Good to hear from you. It’s funny that so many people have stories about this place.

        1. We lived in the house across from the cemetery (the driveway was directly across from ours) and I would take my dogs through there all the time. My bedroom faced the cemetery, and I never saw anything except the vandals that broke the head stones one year.

        2. That happened to me and the two others that were with me 1974!!! It wasn’t midnight…but about 10:30. We were all three touching the statue.

    2. Was there at 10:30 with two more people… The eyes of Jesus became real and looked at all three of us. We were all three touching the statue. I hadn’t heard about any rumors that that would happen neither had three people I was with. We were frozen for some time. Then said to each other so you see what I see? Then we ran. True story 1974!!!

    3. That happened to me and the two others that were with me 1974!!! It wasn’t midnight…but about 10:30. We were all three touching the statue.

  4. Honestly I married a man from mt Juliet and heard the same tale from him about the slavery and all but loved how you told the story I really don’t know if any of its true but it’s still a really awesome story for a history lesson I think you’re an amazing story teller

  5. “Rumor is that the Masonic Temple has satanic cult rituals” made me chuckle considering the dusty old christian men that populate its hall frequently. They have a hell (pun intented) of a BBQ fundraiser each year! Made me think of the city council in “Hot Fuzz” meeting in secret, wearing robes, and talking about murdering the crusty jugglers and bohemians attempting to infiltrate their quaint little English town. You think those Mt. Juliet Freemasons are out to capture and sacrifice (and later sell as BBQ) the yuppies that frequent the Panera Bread in Providence? Hmm, it’s possible! You rarely see a Pruis parked near the Mt. Juliet Lodge. That would be far more interesting than what actually goes on at a Masonic Lodge, haha. Still, this blog entry is amusing, and I enjoyed it. I could imagine sitting around the campfire with some boy scouts and hearing this story. Good stuff!

    1. hahaha! That would be quite a tale if the Masons started picking people off at places like that in and around Providence. Thanks for reading and for your humor and kind words!

  6. Keep up the good work.

    You can’t please everyone and that’s the case when dealing with local lore as well.
    Being a talk host who talks about this very thing… I’ve heard from supporters and people who think my guests shouldn’t be given a chance to tell their stories.

    1. You said it Bob. People can’t even agree on the present. BTW Nice job on the Hoodoo Conjure podcast. It’s just under the surface all over the south. I love researching crypto-religious practices too.

  7. I remember people telling stories about seeing candles lit in the windows or people looking out of the windows of the old house at night. Also a group of guys swore one night that they saw a little girl crying on the side of the road alone and they pulled over to ask if she was alright and she just kept crying, they didn’t want to grab some kid they didn’t know and put her in their car so they decided to go report it to the police. When they got to the curve by the tracks they saw a man there and he was yelling “have you seen my daughter?” They stopped and told him that they had just seen her and that she was just down the road behind them, the man just kept yelling ” have you seen my daughter? I can’t find my daughter!” Then he walked past them and vanished. At that point they freaked out and left. The next day they were at school and were talking about being out there the night before but had not mentioned the child or the man because they knew how crazy it sounded. Then as everyone was telling stories about the road someone told them that supposedly a very long time ago a man had been robbed and killed near the tracks and his little girl had been taken down the road and murdered as well. I don’t know if there is any truth to the story but I always thought it was a good one and on more than one occasion I went out there hoping to see them.

    1. Seen her we was heading to hermitage Walmart to ride scooters AN bikes down the aisle to get kicked out great times lol. But right before we went across the tracks my buddy said get out an check the tire. Cause we had a donut on as I got out I kicked the tire but something caught my attention AN it was a little girl sobbing AN as soon as I seen her she was gone passed right over through me a cold electrified shiver through my whole body. Needless to say I got back in the car AN couldn’t do anything but vomit on myself for the next 15 minutes.

  8. My family and I live on Tate Lane! We’ve never experienced anything strange, but we certainly notice more traffic during the month of October! They also say that Andrew Jackson traveled this road by horse and buggy to a tavern near Mt Juliet Rd.

    1. I believe it. I used to live on Old Lebanon Rd. the old trace/lane (that at one point connected with T Lane) is the same one that ran along my property and my old log house. The elderly folks in that area used to tell me (back in the 80’s) that Jackson others had used that rd frequently to travel from the Hermitage to the Eagle Tavern on Mt. Juliet Rd. I explored my first cave just a few yards from that old road in search of some hidden confederate treasure.

  9. The Masonic Lodge is the building the Church started in back in the day. Contact L. Alvin Hill SR in Mount Juliet for details.

  10. My best friend used to live in the neighborhood that backs up to Tate’s and I always heard it called robber road because cars would park there and break into homes and could get away quickly. We used to go for walks on that road and even in the middle of the day it was creepy!

  11. This place still creeps me out !!! Great job and I also remember people like to haul off their tires in a ditch there not sure if people still do.

  12. Tate Lane has held up the community from growing and should have been widened and straighten years ago. There are a couple of old farmers that have stopped the progress. Time changes everything and this road will disappear someday.

      1. There will certainly be a petition to “preserve Tate Ln.” should it be threatened by further (so called) progress such as widening. We need this type of history to remain as a reminder of character of who MJ was/is. Super beautiful in the fall! Let’s hope the ownership of the land remains in the families for a long time to come.

      2. Weird BC I recently went down the road last year in early 2016 and it wasnt widened or had stripes it was a single path and the dirt on the side of the road still caved up above the road…

  13. I grew up in the subdivision that backs up to Tates Lane and spent lots of time on that road. I have to say the creep factor is high. We had many a youth hayride on that lane, and the boys used to hide up on the woods and jump out when the wagon went by. The ride would always start on Old Lebanon Rd, so the tales would start flying about the Lodge early on. In the daytime, the canopy of trees is beautiful. Thanks for this resurrection of childhood memories.

  14. Totally enjoyed this Blog !. I need to take a ride on tate lane. I know where it is off of division st but never had a reason to go down that road. Didn’t know it had a history of being haunted. Thank you for this blog !!!! Don’t worry about any rude people that posted !! They aren’t worth it !!

  15. I have lived in mj my whole life as did my parents and their parent and their parents. As kids we were always told that rates lane was where a hanging post use to be and just another reason it could be haunted. My grandfather is a big believer in the bell witch. As are alot of older Mj residents I have talked to about that but the only spooky encounter I have had on rates lane was with my sister when were in one of the bends she saw a guy in overalls sitting on a rock. We didn’t stick around to investigate but have spent time in the cemetery. There is def something supernatural about specific places in mj fun read.

    1. I was with my brother and sister in law in a 68 Nova we almost made it to the end of the trees but our car broke down we could hear all kinds of creepy noises and the next time I went I got into a head on wrecking was go slow around a curve you couldn’t see around but as soon as I get around it that car came around that curve and hits me head on we got out neither one of my cars didn’t even have a scratch Thank for sharing this great story one for the history books

  16. I lived in the neighborhood that backs up to Tates lane for 22 years,and would travel this road all hours of the night on my dirt bike,four wheelers,go karts,and cars. I never saw anything out of the ordinary,or had any weird encounters. I have also visited old man Tates property several times day,and night with no strange encounters. It’s all madeup stories.

  17. A friend forwarded me the link to this post- I grew up on Tate’s Lane from 1968-1983, the house to the left of the Masonic Lodge in your picture is my childhood home! We never even referred to it as “Tate’s Lane”, we called it “The Farmer’s Road”. I lived there before any of the subdivisions existed on either side of the road. Our house and Tate’s Lane were completely surrounded by cow fields. The road was also all dirt and gravel. I never knew what the Masons did in their hall but once every few weeks a couple dozen cars would show up and my sisters and I would sit on our lawn and watch the well dressed men go in and out of the building. I can attest to a lot of accidents on the road back then. People would speed around the blind curves all the time and there wasn’t enough room for cars both ways unless one pulled way to the side.

    Since the post was about the area being haunted, I will relate something that happened when I was 9 years old. It was windy out and we lost power. I was looking out my bedroom window towards the cow fence, which I could see in the moonlight, and a witch’s face appeared in the window. Her body was floating behind her and she was laughing. I felt an icy chill throughout my entire body and my only thought was “Evil”. I fell backwards to the floor and was basically hyperventilating- sobbing uncontrollably and shaking. My mother rushed in and I told her I saw a witch in the window and she, of course, didn’t believe me but I refused to sleep in my room or look out the window at night for the longest time. I still remember that fear 40 years later, I’ve never felt anything like it before or since. Whether it was a boy’s overactive imagination or something supernatural, I’ll never know, but it certainly felt real then and still does now when I recall it. The memory still gives me chills.


      1. Tates Lane runs along behind my childhood home that my dad still lives in. We grew up wandering up and down that road, even camping in the cow pastures on the other side of it. It was our playground and the shortcut we used to walk to John’s house. We had always heard the rumors, but it just added to the charm of the road.

    1. My son lived on Division St close to Tate’s ln. He had a lot of action at his house. 3 wrecks, not sure how many lives lost. One for sure. A motorcycle was going 100+ mph and he did a wheelie and the bike shut itself off. Biker lost his head on the mailbox and the rest of him in the yard. It was very sad accident. Then a high speed chase into the house. He was out of town luckily or he would have been in bed where the car hit. Another lady lost control and hit a tree and his car. It was always something. All wrecks were around midnight.

      Before that my son had a lot of strange ghost stories. One was close to the story of a young man named Aaron who had been shot with his girlfriend by a jealous ex boyfriend right down the tracks from him. He had enough info that we found his story on the internet news. There were so many odd incidents he finally moved out. If you look at his house on Google maps it even appears there is an alien looking out the window. I know it sounds crazy, many people have lost their life on those tracks, several while he lived there.
      I had never heard the Tate ln stories, I was creeped out the one time I drove down the road. Very close to this house. Spooky area.

  18. Oh man Tates Lane! Is there a statute of limitations if you admit to Breaking and Entering?
    I loved exploring this area as a teenager. Heard all the stories and wanted to see for myself. Never anything crazy happened. I was bummed. Haha!

  19. 110° Outside, 65° on Tates. Love that lane and still travel it often especially with newbies. My kids beg to go down it with their friends in the car and I always agree. Good story Angelica!

  20. It’s interesting how many of our ghost stories here have to do with slavery and the persecution of Native people. This one, for instance, has both on a short stretch of road. I wonder if it’s the same in other cultures–if the ghosts in the stories from other countries tend to come from oppressed or marginalized people. I find it somewhat encouraging that people who had no power in life, can take on a sort of terrifying power in death. Maybe it means we have a conscience after all, or maybe I’m way off base. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    1. In my investigation in Spain I have found a great deal of reported “paranormal activity” and lore surrounding the Spanish Inquisition during which a lot of folks were marginalized a.k.a. set on fire or hanged. In other countries such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico (and the deep south) I have also found that the po folks is the ones what see’s all the ghosteses lol. But they are mainly the ones who engage the spirits via their occult or native folk-Catholicism and crypto-religious hoodoo magic which is so dang fascinating to me. It does seem to be a pattern. With the influx of third world peeps to the US it is being imported too. When I used to work in the anti-money laundering world I would investigate Spanish speaking businesses for money-laundering and many of these businesses trafficked in items used to perform various pagan rituals.

  21. When I was a teenager ages 15 to 18 2002-2005, my friends an I would explore that road late at night all the time. We always had weird n crazy experiences. We would sometimes get out of the car an walk the road an get scared shitless an run back to the car. We seen blood on a sign before that freaked us out. We know the story about the family getting murdered in the house an the place being set on fire. But from what I can remember, the son burnt the house down. Maybe I’m mistaken an it was the dad though.I have So many experiences an memory’s on Tate’s lane. I can’t remember them all. But I will say when they started building stuff on that road in 2006 or 2007 that ruined it!! I Hate that ppl let that happen!

  22. I heard the rumors that Masons were Satanic as well. I had a deacon at my church that was a Mason. I gave it a try and it has improved my Christian faith. I attend that very lodge. I suggest you attend the dinners any time. Nothing Satanic about it. I am 30, I was a member of Campus Crusade in college, I work for Corporate America, and I am active church member. Far from a stereotype of a Mason.

  23. I’ve lived in Mt. Juliet since ’94 And have heard all the stories. The three main ones are the man who went crazy and killed his family. Devil Worshipers, and the Father looking for his Daughter. I’ve been to the house before it was burnt to the ground. And the tree where the slaves were hung. I always got very bad vibes there. And always just got the creeps every time I would drive though.

    Years later, in mid October a group of friends and I were telling ghost stories and I told them about Tate’s Lane. So we all head up there, with one car holding 4 and a truck with 4 in the cab, and about 10 in the bed of the truck. We entered from the Lebanon Rd entrance. And as we got to the clearing, we stopped where the old house was, the foundation of the house was still there. (this was before the new fancy big ass church was built and it was just a field and a gravel road) So we all get out, and I’ll telling them about the house and about the father who went crazy and killed his family etc. And then myself and two others noticed 7 black hooded robed figures in the field headed our way. As we turn to run to the car/truck there are others on the other side headed our way. As we get in, both car and truck stall to start. On my side one figure was already at my door beating the window to get in. After the 5th time to try and start the car, it starts and we take off. I haven’t been back to Tate’s Lane since that night.

  24. I grew in Old Hickory and we even knew of Tates lane. We used to go driving back there at night in high school which would have been in the early 90’s. I remember the statue of Jesus and how the cemetery was always vandalized. Only crazy thing that happened to me was getting chase on that road by van. We were driving at night of course and there wasn’t another vehicle any where in site when all of a sudden lights came on right on my bumper. I drove that road like a modern day drift car that night trying to get away.

  25. I lived on Tate’s Lane for years while growing up in Mt. Juliet. We lived in the first house on the left after you crossed the railroad tracks off Division St., which was straight across the road from what is now Victory Baptist Church. Live there during the mid sixties to early 70’s. I don’t know which Tate was the original one the road was named after but when I lived there Mr. Robert Tate and his wife live and farmed the same family land. They had a son names Jimmy who worked for the Postal Service for years. Jimmy also ran a small Grocery Store just off Mt. Juliet Rd. on Division St. for a few years. There wasn’t a better man than Mr. Robert as we all called him, as was his wife. Their son Jimmy was also a very nice gentleman. As a kid I worked many a day for Mr. Robert on his farm which was at the top of the hill up Tate Lane. In fact, the first car I owned was a 1950 Chevy that belonged to Mr. Robert before parking it in his barn after he bought his new Chevy, don’t remember exactly, but I believe it was a 1963. Talked Mr. Robert into selling me that old Chevy and letting me work out the payment throughout the summer. Don’t remember what I paid for it, but did have it paid for by the end of summer! I was so excited to get a vehicle, but didn’t get to take it home right off the bat, but did start cleaning it up. Caught Mr. Robert gone to town one day and took the old 6 volt battery out of his tractor and put it in the Chevy, siphoned a little gas as well and that old car started right up, even after being parked for years!. It was a big short cut to Lebanon Rd., so been up and down that road many a time. late at night was the best time, especially when on a date, used to drive through just to scare dates! It was spooky with the trees so close together that at places it almost made a canopy over the road. But the best time of year was always Fall, when the road would be covered in leaves of different colors, it was always beautiful. The old house we grew up in has been gone a long time now and a new two story house has been built there now. Where the Church is now there was an old house that did burn one night. Right up the road on the right side, about halfway up was an old white two story house that had twin tall pine trees in front of it. It had been sitting empty long before we moved there, but I used to love prowling around that old place. it also burned down as well if I remember right. Lot of good memories on Tate’s Lane, lot of mischiefs went on as well, perfect place during Halloween for planks! I also used to hear the tales of the road being haunted, but can’t say I ever saw or heard anything that scared me. Winter Griffin and his family lived just down the road and Mr. Joe Pascall lived across the creek that ran along Division St. Worked for both these good men as well doing farm work. Anyway, enjoyed reading some of the comments, brought back good memories!

    1. I remember that old store! my grandmother lived on West Division St about half way from Mt Juliet Rd to Tate lane (last house on the right before the cemetery then…maybe not now) we use to walk down to that store and get Cokes in the old glass bottles. I miss those days. I spent a lot of time on tate ln. my grandfather, father, countless uncles and cousins were members of that Masonic Lodge as am I and several of my brothers.
      I never saw any of the “spooky” stuff that others claim….men in black robes….ghosts…spirits…..aliens, however, I did see a friend of mine drive by the lodge one night so I waved at him. the next day in school he was telling people that the devil worshipers tried to put a spell on him.
      thanks for the memories.

    2. Robert Tate’s wife was Kathleen and she was the sweetest woman. Their son Jimmy and his family still live on the family property. The big white house was on my family’s property. There was one pine tree hence the name Lone Pine Farm,

  26. I remember going down Tates Lane many nights during high school. One night we stopped at the spot where the house burned down on the right from Division St and in the field in the distance we could see hooded people in a circle around a fire. Not sure what was going on but we didn’t stay to figure it out either. Reading this blog and all the comments brings back memories. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Yeah this is funny. I can literally walk outside my front door and see the masonic Lodge. A friend of mine, his dad, works there and there are no satanic rituals. That’s just rumor created by a bunch of mad girls because they’re not allowed to see what they do. And I also happen to own part of tates lane and there are easily 100 accidents each year. But not deaths. The only thing that dies on that road are wandered cows and dehydrated vultures. Although there has been 87 deaths total over the years. About 20 of those have been children. I have the pleasure of seeing them at the foot of the bed a lot of nights. Usually all bloody. So not all were white men. Some were white boys. At night you can sometimes see them playing in the street. But when you double check they aren’t there. So whoever wrote this got the legend right it’s just the legend didn’t play out as planned

    1. Hi i wrote a previous post about all of the wrecks that have taken place at my dons house on division. Do you know if this land was part of the farm. It is 1/2 mile from tates lane and the creek is in the back yard. 5 of the wrecks were white males. Only 1 or 2 of them lost their life. There was one a few weeks ago. I am going to beg mt juliet to put markings around the curve. I think people may slow down if they see the arrows. It is a dangerous area.

  28. This story is very true. I was 18 and a bunch of went out there near the cemetery and the woman statue her eyes glowed . We also went to the back and where all the trees are on both side we herd screams. Went back to the pet cemetery and you can hear growls and barking. This is not fake at all.

  29. I grew up in the neighborhood in front of Tates Lane. I myself have seen and experienced some pretty creepy things on Tates Lane. I’m a total believer!! Love reading other peoples experiences.

  30. Hi mr tate is a real person i am his neighbor and i also know the people who live on the road thay are very nice people, so if your thinking i got to go down there just remember once you step off the road you are trespassing on someone’s property and so if your just determined to go goast hunting just be sure you ask them first and i sure they will let you

  31. “The lane begins at the Masonic Temple, and ends at a Baptist Church. These facts alone give me the serious creeps,…” Why?

  32. I’ve never had anything weird happen to me on Tates Ln, but I’m wondering how far around the area this curse and all the stories happened. I know back then people owned a lot more land than they do now.
    Back when I was 16 and driving with 4 passengers in the car. (This was in October because i remember we just finished celebrating my birthday.) I turned off W. Division onto the road near willowby station. When i reached the train tracks, my car shut off on the tracks.I continuously tried to get it to start as the train was coming…i had less than a minute before we were going to be hit. Everyone is crying and screaming, seatbelts are not letting us unclick them, and the doors would not open. After about the 5th or 6th time trying to start the car, it finally started and i barely made it off those tracks in time. I always wondered why it did that, and how lucky we were, but after reading the comments and stories, it just makes me wonder.

  33. I lived in George Mear Estates, my parents had house built in 1977. We were one of the first homes built in the subdivision and our property backed up to Tates lane. I was 13 yrs old and played on Tates lane and also the farm on the otherside from where we lived. The farmer who owned the land was Mr. Legon and was a mean old cuss. He was the only thing that ever scared me. Only bad thing I remember was my dad chasing off cars that would park on Tates lane behind our house. We would fine Used hypodermic needles they would throw out.

  34. There have never been any satanic cult rituals in the old masonic lodge. As a matter of fact, that building used to be Greenhill Baptist church where Christianity was worshipped.

  35. I lived in George Mear Estates from 1982-1996. Our house backed up to Tate’s Lane. Never EVER have I heard any tales or rumors about Satanic cult rituals. I’ve walked Tate’s Lane many times with family and friends and nothing unusual ever happened.

  36. When I was growing up in Mt. Juliet, there was a giant tree just off the dogleg of Nonaville Rd. across from a market whose name I can’t remember. There were several round roadside reflectors in various colors nailed to the trunk of the tree. Word was each reflector represented a wrecked car. Or a lost life, depending on who told the story (and the blue ones were children).

  37. When I worked at cash express I saw things move on their own it is very very haunted. My boss and I saw a plant move like someone walked against all it’s branches her eyes got big as plates. No air no breeze nothing It is haunted

  38. Interesting piece of fiction. I’m 51 and I’ve lived in Mount Juliet for most of my life. I can remember going down Tate’s Lane as a child riding with my father during different times of day. Later, when my father became a Mason, I can remember playing outside of the lodge for hours at night right off of Tate’s Lane. When I turned 16 I would drive down that road many times a week, morning noon and night. I also briefly dated a girl who would stay with her relatives that lived off of Tate’s Lane, and we would sit out in my truck at night for hours at the end of the driveway. So, what’s my point? The property on both sides of Tate’s Lane is private property. The KKK do not meet out there off of Tate’s Lane. The Mason’s DO NOT have satanic cult rituals. I’m 51 years old and have never heard of a single person reporting anything even remotely scary happening to them on Tate’s Lane, and not once did I ever experience anything strange while driving, playing, or parking off of Tate’s Lane. Also, there are most definitely not 100 accidents on that road every year. I would not have commented at all but I take exception to the Mason’s being accused of satanic cult rituals, even in a clearly fictional story.

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